Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Silly Semantic

Just exported this RDF file from my Drupal profile page (localhost) and if you look at it, you'll find out why I called this silly.

Hey guys, I was born on 2011-04-06T23:06:09+07:00! I'm a baby then!

PS: This silliness comes when you mix up the semantic about a document and a thing described by that document.

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  1. The main problem with this scenario is that you have modeled yourself as a Web document. Drupal 7 has multiple entities, such as nodes and users. Nodes are meant for things like blog posts and other Web documents.

    You are currently modeling yourself as a page of content. If you attach a profile to your user, then you can add information about yourself. I know that the Profile2 module was planning on implementing a foaf:Person that was related to the sioc:UserAccount, but I haven't looked into that recently. Handling it this way does add some considerable complexity to the user interaction, so I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't been fully fleshed out yet.

    If you have any questions, you can start a discussion on the Semantic Web group. I have a hard time keeping up with blogs, so that's the best place to find me.